Kirby's Mill School Counselor

Personal Facts:
Familiar face... I've been at Kirby's since 2014
Schooling/Degrees... West Chester University - Bachelor's Degree in Education
                                    Rowan University - Master's Degree in Student Personnel Services
Teaching/Counseling... Third Grade Teacher for 9 years
                                       Middle School Counselor for 2 years
                                       Kirby's Mill Counselor for 6 years 
Home Life... I am married for 26 years and have 3 children and a dog                                                                                  
Counselor's Role:
  • Providing guidance and support to students, staff and families
  • Providing classroom lessons on character education
  • Facilitating small groups
  • Meeting individually with students
  • Promoting academic, personal and social development of all students
  • Facilitating the I&RS Committee (Intervention and Referral Services)
  • Coordinating the Peer Mediators and Bus Safeties
  • Coordinating the 504 Program
  • Serving as the Kirby's Mill School Anti-Bullying Specialist

 I am passionate about education and look forward to getting to know you and your children!